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Babylon Translation Service specializes in high-quality legal, financial & business translations for business and corporate clients.


All the right ingredients


The combination of our in-house expertise and highly experienced and responsive project management teams provides us with all the speed, reliability, accuracy and consistency necessary to providing a first-class translation service.


Specialized legal and financial & business experts


We have built a team of expert translators who work for us on a regular basis across a range of languages. Our project teams are flexible and can be adapted to your every need. All our professional translators  are familiar with the technical terms and jargon associated with the legal, financial and business fields, and are therefore able to convey meaning in the most fluent and suitable way for the target readership.


Rigorous translation process


Our targeted translation procedure includes analysis of the source document, your exact requirements, and the target readership. On this basis, the most suitable translator is selected for the project. The translation is then subjected to a three-stage process. Once the document has been translated, it is then proofread by the translator, before being given a final quality check by an independent editor who ensures that all is in order (punctuation, layout, content, accuracy etc.).


Our team of financial and legal translators are expert linguists with working experience in the various fields of the legal profession, and thus a practical understanding of their native legal fields. Our project manager will be at your service every step of the way to ensure the smooth progress of your translation, as well as act as a point of contact for liaising with your dedicated translation team throughout the project and to ensure that your translation is delivered both on time and to the highest standards.


Consistency – tailor-made glossaries


If you have a large quantity of documents to translate and would like to harmonise existing terminology across these, we can build company-specific or project-specific glossaries from your previous documents, or in accordance with your specifications.


Levels of translation

Draft translation – A new offering in response to the continued pressure on businesses to cut costs and deal with information overload. A draft translation is considerably cheaper than our standard translation or first-class translations. Draft translations are not suitable for external use or publication, but are adequate for informal internal company use. They offer a cost effective alternative when it is important to get a good indication of content but guaranteed accuracy is not required.

Uses include:


  • Draft proposals
  • Foreign newspaper and magazine articles
  • Non-critical incoming email or written business correspondence


Many clients order a draft translation to ascertain if the material is of sufficient interest to warrant spending money on a standard translation or a first-class translation.


Standard translation – Translated by a carefully selected expert linguist to suit the technical requirements of the document(s) and targeted readership. It is then given a final QC by an independent editor.


First-class translation – Translated by an expert linguist specialized in the subject matter of the text, and edited by an independent proofreader also expert in the subject matter of the document, before being given a final QC by an independent editor.

Free quotes

Our quotations, no matter how complex, are free of charge, and we aim to respond to you promptly with a word count, price, and schedule for completion to your specified deadline. For all enquiries or for a quote, please email or call + 44 (0) 330 088 1216