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Babylon Translation Service – Language Article 3, by Stephen Clarke “WORKING WITH THE FRENCH”

It is a widely held cliché that the French are inefficient, unproductive, and incapable of meeting a deadline. But having worked with them, I find that the French are amongst the most efficient workers in the world. They have to be, to make time for all those holidays and long weekends. When I began my […]

Babylon Translations Service Article: “Culture Clash. Performance versus spontaneity”.

What does it mean to move to another country? Is it possible to learn from the experience or is it only a way to confirm the values of our own cultural background? Our sense of identity is formed by a system of beliefs learned from personal experiences in a particular culture. When we move to […]

Babylon Language Article 1

Babylon Language Article 1   Dear Readers, This is the first of a series of language articles that will be published from now by the Babylon Translation Service. These articles are intended to be informative, useful and perhaps even entertaining. Some people have a passion for languages, hard to believe, but true. In a way, […]

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